Dog Year

by Gordon Mcleod

Released 2008
Ceol Na Feinne
Released 2008
Ceol Na Feinne
Sophisticated Americana from a seasoned writer and multi-instrumentalist. Eclectic captivating original songs from Americana roots to reggae-tinged pop with thought provoking well crafted lyrics and impressive instrumental chops.
Bio: Gordon McLeod

Gordon has been composing and performing music for as long as he can remember. He has rather eclectic taste and enjoys playing, writing and producing many styles of music. His recently released CD “Dog Year” is a collection of some of his original songs including the award winning songs , “Dog Year’ and “Hester”. The songs range from reggae-tinged pop to North Carolina fiddle ballads. Gordon's song “Dear Ones” from the CD "Dog Year" was included on the compilation CD “Rise Up” distributed by PATH. The title track from the CD "Dog Year" recently won first place in The American New Traditions Song Contest in Texas.

Gordon also performs a lot of acoustic and traditional music, particularly Irish fiddle. In the mid-ninties Gordon founded the well known celtic-flavored folk group, Beyond The Pale (, with his wife Christy. He also performs with Dirje Smith (the marvelous cellist) and Christy in the "Aisling String Trio" ( ) and as a duo with Christy called "McLeod Nine".

Gordon has performed over much the US and in Europe as well. Besides performances with his own bands he also works as a sideman on fiddle and guitar live and in the studio with such illustrious artists as Sarah Hickman, Pierce Pettis, and The Dreamsicles. He plays in many styles from acoustic blues and folk to R&B, pop and jazz. In talking about his own McLeod Nine Studio gordon says:

" I play bass, mandolin, piano, whistle, clarinet, percussion, harmonica, and banjo. I enjoy writing and producing and recording. I specialize in acoustic recording and love to produce traditional music projects. I recently produced an award winning CD for Randy Brown entitled “Dream Big”, a wonderful CD for a great Texas acoustic trio, SHIFT, two CDs for the well known Ft. Worth folk quartet "The Trinity River Whalers" and one for a fellow Texan, Tim Chauvin. (His wonderful award-winning song “The Daughters of China”, as well as several others on the CD, features string arrangements by Dirje and myself ). I have produced recordings for several other acoustic acts including six for Beyond The Pale and of course, my own CD “Dog Year”.

McLeod Nine Live Montage

Ceili Dance led by Christy

Voodoo Lady

Dog Year--The McLeods

The Catfish Nightmare Blues

Minor Swing Live--Gordon and Christy McLeod

Christmas Wish by McLeod Nine