Swingy Stringy Funky Folky

by McLeod Nine

Released 2018
Released 2018
Fun Gypsy, Swingy, Funky, Folky Down Home Music covering a broad range of intriguing original material, from string jazz with a Gypsy flavor to inspiring spicy original songs to Americana, folk and traditional fiery fiddle tunes from this man-woman duo.

Hypothetically Speaking ( Live at Kerrville Folk F

Wantin' Something More( Live at Kerrville Folk F

McLeod Nine Live Montage

The Catfish Nightmare Blues

Ceili Dance led by Christy

Voodoo Lady

Dog Year--The McLeods

Minor Swing Live--Gordon and Christy McLeod

Christmas Wish by McLeod Nine

McLeod Nine at The Kerrville Folk Festival