Gordon McLeod (McLeod Nine): ‘Daddy G and His Amazing Swingtet’--By Chuck Bloom--Ceili editor

“Daddy G and His Amazing Swingtet,” introduces audiences to the other music of McLeod’s soul – a light, jazzy swing sound, aligned with such greats as guitarist Django Reinhardt, violinist Stephane Grapelli and vocalist Al Jarreau. And let’s not forget legendary influences like Tchaikovsky,Al Jolson and many others.

 “My music is the direct result of listening and emulating literally hundreds of other musicians who I am honored to have heard,” he said. “I play lots of jazz and swing music with a gypsy tinge, both originals and standards on violin and guitar, lots of traditional Irish fiddle music and my own originals in more contemporary styles.”

 The entire album is filled with excellent tracks that make you gently tap your toes and toss your head from side-to-side. Some melodies should be familiar (de Abreu’s “Tico Tico” or Tchaikovsky’s “Pathetique”) and some will become favorites.

 The CD begins with “The CatfishNightmare Blues,” a song McLeod incorporatedinto Beyond The Pale’s stage sets at the recent North Texas Irish Festival. Whimsically inspired by his grandson’s telling of a nightmare involving one such pond dweller, it will become the disc’s most recognizable track and perfect to adopt to any of McLeod’s groups in concert.

 On “Swingin’ Csardas” and “Norma,” McLeod reminds everyone of why he is highly in demand as a fiddler; his technique is flawless and he floats easily between the jazz swing sound of Grapelli and the slower tones of a serious violinist.

 Family is a major influence and inspiration for McLeod’s music as no less than four tracks are about his mother (“Norma”), daughter (“Morgan Amanda”) orgrandchildren (including “Little Cutie”). You can hear his pride in them through his fiddle strings.

 The album ends with a Reinhardt composition, “Minor Swing” (after McLeod’s Django-ized version of “Jingle Bells”) and the entire 38 minutes comes into full focus. Daddy G, the McLeod alter ego, is completely revealed as the outstanding performance craftsman the Celtic world has known for years.

 “I believe life is the most precious gift and that we honor all those who gave us life and taught us to live by enjoying it,” McLeod stated. “Music is the best way I know to do that and help others to do the same!” I dig it, Daddy G! Get this CD  and you’ll dig it too, daddy-O!

Christmas Wish by McLeod Nine

McLeod Nine Live Montage

Voodoo Lady

Dog Year--The McLeods

The Catfish Nightmare Blues

Minor Swing Live--Gordon and Christy McLeod